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Free Zoom Concerts Music with Ema Cilibiu on Show me Your Talent

We are Aiming for a New Artist Concert once a week Sunday at 18:00/6PM UK time 1PM/ 14:00 USA/EST

Also Artists can apply to have a Hosted concert and use their Paypal or any links for Donate  all Sunday Concerts Shows ECT will be Free for Life and are shown Live also on Youtube Link Here to MOB

Ok we have an event now this young Lady I know a long time big shoutout to Helen Stewart and Ravi for helping make this happen Aditi is family simple as been with us for years and I am very very proud to have Ema Cilibiu present her to you all on show me your talent see you all there.

Ema Dimitra Cilibiu MOB Radio Music Network is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Show me Your Talent

Topic: Ema Cilibiu Presents Aditi Iyer on Show me Your talent Aditi with ema and DJ Shea

Time: May 28, 2022 05:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 474 201 6113

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That is right just when you thought it can not get more exciting on this Network well it can first sorry no new Live Stream from me today but I will do a special one for you all tomorrow on Youtube Live at Midday ok so 12PM UK 2 pm east Europe I can not wait for this use to talk to Evah a lot she came into live chat a lot to now you get to meet her and see her Live on Show Me You Talent with Ema Ema Dimitra Cilibiu Host with the most can not wait to see you all there will be asking Jady to do another one soon and it is coming soon OMG and Happy Easter all see you tomorrow stay tuned for more so much more coming to you thank you for supporting so see you all on the 15th May Live at 8pm bit later than the Norm but that is Midday for Evan and a big shout out to Bill her Dad for helping make this happen very proud to have Evah Rodriguez on this show for you to enjoy


Ema Cilibiu presents Mariah Evangeline Debut concert on the Show me your Talent Zoom Family-friendly show Live from Six pm UK time Co-Host DJ Shea  Supervised by Al Atkinson and other Co-hosts and Streamed Live to the MOB Radios YouTube music Channel all tickets links are free and all are welcome see you on the 5th do not be late this lady is Awesome check her out 

Ema Cilibiu is proud to present to you Mariah Evangeline live on the MOB Radios Show me Your Talent Live concert Family Friendly show Saturday the 5th March at 6pm UK time
Time: Mar 5, 2022 06:00 PM London

Ticket Link to show

imikimi zo photo.jpeg

MOB Radio Music Network is inviting you to a Show me Your Talent Show

 MOB Radio Music Network's Zoom Concert. Ema Cilibiu is inviting you to Camden Sings Live on Show me Your Talent
Time: Apr 10, 2022 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 474 201 6113
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Ema Cilibiu it is Natural to love you here is Ema's Latest Artical go to her WEB Site and check it out.
It Is Natural To Love It!!

Some people are born to do just one great thing in life or are just good at one thing Ema and her Ability to write has caught all our Imagination this is her Article about the Natural Video and really I am serious had me so impressed and that was before I got to the end and Ema thank you for your kind words I am also so proud to call you friend enjoy folks and check out these amazing Artists


Host with the Most Ema Cilibiu invites you to Ariel Franz Live on Show Me Your Talent

Ema Cilibiu is happy to introduce for the first time Ariel Franze to Entertain you on our Family Friendly event Show me Your Talent leave and Free to all :)

Ema Cilibiu Host with the Most Introduces Ariel Franz on MOB Music Radio Networks Show Me Your talent Sunday the 13th February 2022 Live at Six pm UK Time Live Concert Family-friendly and Free to all
Time: Feb 13, 2022 06:00 PM London

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Ana Marie Baltag Back by Popular Demand on Show me your Talent Family Show with Ema Cilibiu

Ema Cilibiu is so happy to welcome back Ana Marie Baltag to entertain you all again on our free Zoom Concert live and interactive at Five UK time 

MOB Music Network Presents Ana Marie Baltag Returns back by Popular demand with Host with the Most Ema Cilibiu
Time: Feb 20, 2022 05:00 PM London

Free Concert

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