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When it comes to Gifts this young lady Tiana has them when it comes to Gifts this young lady Ema has them when it comes to really special Gifts and believe me Gifted they are together is better and really the magic begins and it has begun I am not sure why God pulled me away from whatever it was I was doing before I heard Tiana sing but so many beautiful things happened since I did, like meeting Ema one lady who makes you want to listen to every word she says, and no matter the conversation it seems to be interesting like you know you're talking to someone magical or at least very special, yes someone very special you can be talking about a subject you hate without even knowing you're doing it and actually enjoy it, that is Ema Skill her gift is not just talking when she puts her thoughts on paper omg you just have to read it and here you are actually getting a very personal glimpse into the very heart of Ema this is a must-read for all ages it is not just an artist singing a good song or a good song writer telling you this is why I wrote it no this is an indebth look into two Artists and what makes them work so hard and a very personal share of Ema's heart to you all this is what I call brave writing and it is from a Romanian Girl aged thirteen I read it four times now and it still has me thinking. Ema the Composer the writer the Actress and the problem solver and like the rest of us just trying to find her way one thing is for sure this is going to be one exciting Adventures Journey which will bring us Joy   
Link To Artical Here Video Below Enjoy and thank you Ema


Ema Cilibiu Host

Watch out for news updates Aritsts Gigs New EPs songs Albums keep up t Date on who is in The show who its all happening on MOB O yea

Liberty Teams up with Aaron to produce some Magic enjoy : )

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